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  • King Fisher Dive Sites

    For dive sites Thailand is a vast archipelago of countless possibilities when it comes to the ultimate diving experience. One of the most popular way to truly experience the diving adventure is to travel to the best dive sites via King Fisher. There are only a number of diving locations one can travel to on foot, which is why the Liveaboard makes visiting unique and unchartered waters possible.

  • 1. Back Beach

    Back Beach

    Diving in Australia will definitely give you an unforgettable experience. The country is rich in perfect dive spots that anyone would surely want to visit. Just like in Queensland and New South Wales, West Australia also has its diving prides. Of course, Back Beach is on top of the list.

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  • 2. Canal Rock

    Canal Rock

    Exploring more dive sites in Western Australia, you will be surprised to visit Canal Rocks. This dive site can be found in Dunsborough. Anyone will surely love the great view. Photographers should not miss any scene for it will definitely worth every shot. One of the best things about this dive site is that it is not hard to find. Just go down to Dunsborough, ask some local folks and you can easily reach the site.

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  • 3. Cod Spot

    Cod Spots

    Cod Spot is a famous dive spot with charter boats operating out of Exmouth. It is located in the Murion Islands which are about 16 km north away from Exmouth. Its name suggests the abundance of large potato cods homing in the site. The site is also known for its long wall coated with spectacular soft and hard corals.

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  • 4. Eagle Bluff

    Eagle Bluff

    Eagle Bluff is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Western Australia. This site is located in Shark’s Bay. You will fall in love with the lovely view and perfect underwater scenes. Photographers will absolutely love this site for it can give them amazingly beautiful shots that can’t be seen anywhere else.

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  • 5. Fish Eyes

    Fish Eyes

    The average depth of Fish Eyes is around 14 meters while 16 meters is the maximum depth. Novice to Intermediate divers will definitely enjoy the deep and clean ocean. The average visibility is also 5 meters. You can dive and explore the nature’s best underwater scenes. The warmest temperature of sea water is 25 Celsius and the coldest is 19 Celsius.

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  • 6. Jack’s Patch

    Jack's Patch

    Jack’s Patch is an excellent dive site located in the Salmon Bay Rottnest Island (WA). It is consisted of a limestone reef, covered with stunning hard and soft corals. There are number of ledges and swim throughs you can explore here. The only cave here is found towards the northern end of the area.

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  • 7. Key Biscayne

    Key Biscayne

    Ten nautical miles away from Lancelin, you can find one of the best dive sites in Western Australia. This dive site is called Key Biscayne. The dive site is for advanced divers with an average depth of 32 meters. The maximum depth is approximately 42 meters which makes it one of the deepest dive sites in Australia. The average visibility on the other hand, is about 18 meters. Divers can reach the dive site through a boat ride.

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  • 8. Louisa Bay

    Louisa Bay

    One of the shallowest Kingfisher diving dive site is Louisa Bay that has a maximum diving depth of 3 meters. Thereby, it is popular for its shallow dive. Aside from being shallow, it impressively hosts a huge diversity of macro life you can enjoy observing at. These include species of groupers, angelfish, corals, whale sharks, and Chelmon Rostratus.

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  • 9. Mandu Wall

    Mandu wall

    Mandu Wall lies on the western portion of Gulf (boat from Exmouth) (WA). This amazing kingfisher diving dive site is rated for advanced diving. It has an average diving dpth of 12 meters and a maximum of 14 meters. It is known for its great wall in north to south and also for having numerous caves and swim throughs you can explore.

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  • 10. Monkey Rock

    Monkey Rock

    Monkey Rock has a number of walls that are covered with beautiful corals descending down to 30 meters deep. The abundance of marine life here is also spectacular. Here you’ll see whale sharks, large cod and groupers, mackerel, small tropical reef fish and tuna.

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  • 11. Sugarloaf Rock

    Sugarloaf Rock

    Lying at the south of Cape Naturaliste, Sugarloaf Rock is another excellent dive spot among the kingfisher diving sites. The site has a diving depth varying from the average of 17 meters up to the maximum of 22 meters. Its average visibility is good enough at 20 meters.

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  • 12. The Sisters

    The Sisters

    This dive site is found in Wambro Sound (WA). It is rated for open water dives. It has an average visibility of 7 meters and a shallow maximum diving depth of 8 meters. It is a good site for novice divers who want to experience a great yet easy dive away from the shore. The dive includes a reef with ledges and caves you can explore.

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