Canal Rocks

  • Canal Rock

    Canal Rock

    Exploring more dive sites in Western Australia, you will be surprised to visit Canal Rocks. This dive site can be found in Dunsborough. Anyone will surely love the great view. Photographers should not miss any scene for it will definitely worth every shot. One of the best things about this dive site is that it is not hard to find. Just go down to Dunsborough, ask some local folks and you can easily reach the site.

    To reach the dive site, you can either take the shore or ride a small boat to reach it faster. The average depth is 17 meters and the maximum is about 20 meters. The visibility is also 20 meters. Intermediate divers and even beginners can dive on this dive site wearing their complete wet suit, Just like any Australian dive site, diving is all throughout the year.

    Canal Rocks has a rich aquatic life. There are different sea creatures that you can see and encounter. Among the huge creatures that you can meet there are manta rays, nursing sharks, and white tipped sharks. The common residents of the site are smaller creatures like Jew fish, grouper and harlequins. The corals are also hard, colorful and amazing. The underwater scene is more than perfect. You can see different schools of fishes, lobsters, turtles and more.