Eagle Bluff

  • Eagle Bluff

    Eagle Bluff

    Eagle Bluff is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Western Australia. This site is located in Shark’s Bay. You will fall in love with the lovely view and perfect underwater scenes. Photographers will absolutely love this site for it can give them amazingly beautiful shots that can’t be seen anywhere else.

    Novice and intermediate divers will absolutely love to discover the life under its blue water. The average depth is 2 meters while the maximum is 5. On the other hand, the average visibility is 10 meters. Eagle Bluff can be the best place to practice diving. Beginners will definitely learn a lot on this site.

    To reach the dive site, you should walk through the shore. Enjoy the cold breeze and be visually satisfied with the gorgeous view. When you reach the site, you will absolutely see more and you will be amazed. Different creatures can be found swimming by. At times, you can see some sharks, dugongs, dolphins, and different types of sea snakes. On the sea grass beds, you can see some hard corals and bommies. The marine life in this dive site is indeed abundant. Different schools of fish can be found swimming around.

    Anyone can visit the dive site anytime. Aside from diving, the site is also perfect for swimming and snorkeling so if you want an ultimate adventure, never miss Eagle Bluff.