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Fish Eyes

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    Fish Eyes

    Bremer bay is the home of great diving sites. One of the best dive sites that can be found on this bay is the Fish Eyes. Just like any Dive sites in Australia, you can see the beauty of Fish Eyes anytime of the year. You can reach it through a small boat. It can be found easily and you will be surprised to see the beauty of nature and underwater scenes. You can find the site through Fishery Beach Marina. From there, proceed to the Black Point. In the middle of the area you will find a sculpted rock hole that has the same shape with an eye socket.

    The average depth of Fish Eyes is around 14 meters while 16 meters is the maximum depth. Novice to Intermediate divers will definitely enjoy the deep and clean ocean. The average visibility is also 5 meters. You can dive and explore the nature’s best underwater scenes. The warmest temperature of sea water is 25 Celsius and the coldest is 19 Celsius.

    You will adore the granite bolders covered with sponges, soft corals, and hard corals. Various types of fishes and echinoderms can also be found. After diving, you will understand why this site is called the leafy sea dragon country. Aside from these schools of fish, you can also see some sea lions dropping by. Turtles also visit the site at times.