Jack’s Patch

  • Jack’s Patch

    Jacks Patch

    Jack’s Patch is an excellent dive site located in the Salmon Bay Rottnest Island (WA). It is consisted of a limestone reef, covered with stunning hard and soft corals.

    There are number of ledges and swim throughs you can explore here. The only cave here is found towards the northern end of the area.

    The site is well known for hosting a superb macro life. Here you can find an amazing diversity of marine species, reason why macro photographers consider the site a paradise. However, the site is not advisable if you want to see shoals of crayfish.

    Jack’s Patch is even better during excellent visibility.

    The shallowest part of the reef is at approximately 13 meters. Average depth is 15 meters and maximum depth is 27 meters. The currents are moderate and can give you a fierce dive when strong.