Key Biscayne

  • Key Biscayne

    Key Biscayne

    Ten nautical miles away from Lancelin, you can find one of the best dive sites in Western Australia. This dive site is called Key Biscayne. The dive site is for advanced divers with an average depth of 32 meters. The maximum depth is approximately 42 meters which makes it one of the deepest dive sites in Australia. The average visibility on the other hand, is about 18 meters. Divers can reach the dive site through a boat ride.

    Key Biscane was an offshore oil platform rig that sunk for about 16 years ago. It was 10 nautical miles away from Lancelin and it was towed down the West Australian coast. Now, the platform lies upside down the 42 meter deep water. After a lot of years, the platform is now the home of sea creatures. You can found thousands of crays living inside. Aside from that, you can also see skippies, Big Snappers, and West Australian Dhufish. You can see a lot of creatures and beautiful corals on the deepest part of the sea.

    The site is also perfect for some pictures. If you want to discover the marine life, you can dive and explore the aquatic scenes. However, only advanced divers can reach the deepest part. It’s for safety purposes as well.

    You can dive anytime on this dive site. Wearing your complete wetsuit, be prepared to explore the beauty that lies within.