Sugarloaf Rock

  • Sugarloaf Rock

    Sugarloaf rock

    Lying at the south of Cape Naturaliste, Sugarloaf Rock is another excellent dive spot among the kingfisher diving sites. The site has a diving depth varying from the average of 17 meters up to the maximum of 22 meters. Its average visibility is good enough at 20 meters.

    Walking to the water of Sugarloaf Rock will not take you so long. The entry is not hard for it is shallow and quite sheltered. Another good thing about the site is that you don’t need to worry about getting an extremely fierce dive due to the calm and easy water.

    The site is popularized by both beginners and experienced divers as well. It is also said to be an epic dive spot.

    The site has also been rewarded for having an impressive underwater scenery with spectacular marine life, warm winter water temperature and a very good visibility.

    The months of February to the end of May are the best chances to dive here in Sugarloaf Rock due to the sporadic long periods of easterly winds.